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When it comes to grass cutting machines, BOB-CAT mowers are top of the food chain. They cut better, last longer, and are easier to own. This is why BOB-CAT provides a lifetime warranties on all their mower decks, deck cradles, and engine decks. Each BOB-CAT also has easy to access compartments to get to problem fixed fast to get you up mowing again. Accompanied by a rich heritage in the industry, going back to the 1950’s, BOB-CAT has stood for extreme durability and high quality in all their product offerings.

Come into Small Engine World today to get your own BOB-CAT mower, and experience the difference for yourself.

Quality, Guaranteed

BOB-CAT mowers are dependable machines. If 10 gauge double layered decktops, 7 gauge skirts, and 3 gauge reinforcements weren’t enough, BOB-CAT also back’s their equipment with one of the industries best warranties. Staffed by an experienced product development team with over 30+ years in the industry. To provide customers with an ease of ownership like no other, along side easy maintenance for high performance products on all BOB-CAT products.

As well as providing customers with a tight knit network of dealers that are highly qualified with certification and training to handle all BOB-CAT mowers. To provide the best customer service for any questions or repairs that you may need directly or through your local shop such as Small Engine World.

As Easy as 1, 2, 3

When you own a BOB-CAT, the best part about keeping it running is that they are engineered with you in mind. BOB-CAT mowers have exceptional warranties and features the offer customers the peace of mind to know they are in good hands with a BOB-CAT mower. With common parts across models such as blades, bearings caster, and idlers just to name a few. Alongside a modular frame design that makes mowing any lawn a breeze for even the most novice user. Just to make things that much sweeter BOB-CAT offers some of the industries best financing options to help you get a hold of a mower and start experiencing the benefits BOB-CAT products have to offer

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