Dixie Chopper

Fast. Real Fast.

Getting your jobs done quickly, allowing you to get more jobs done in half the time you used to take.  Dixie Choppers boast the fastest speeds in the industry, allowing you to cut up to 6.6 acres per hour.  That’s a lot of grass.

The EFI Advantage

Electronic Fuel Injection uses 25% less gas on average than using a carburetor.  That’s $780* a year in savings per tractor!  Not to mention, no more carburetor maintenance.

X-Blade Technology

X-Blade technology is the newest blade advancement in the industry, brought to you by the R&D Team at Dixie Chopper, helping to create better manicured cuts. The Twist Blade works only with the X-Blade and is designed to function extremely well in high moisture mulching.

*Savings based on running 600 hr/year with a 1.35 gal/hr consumption rate, and fuel costs of $3.85 gal.

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