Designed to Do More

No matter what the job entails, the Raven MPV can help you get it done. It’s not just a 3-in-1, it’s a 1-and-Done. Utilizing gas/electric hybrid technology, the Raven MPV switches from mower to multi-purpose vehicle to generator in minutes. Equipped with front off-road style shocks and suspension, it’s a serious workhorse that’s seriously fun.

Make Short Work of Yard Work

With a 46” mowing deck, cruise control, a 17 mph transport speed and a top mowing speed of 6 mph you can tackle your yard in record time. A tight 14” turning radius makes navigating around trees, rocks and other obstacles easier than ever. Hybrid technology means there are no belts and transmissions to drive the cutting blades. The Raven MPV is an electric direct drive system. The gasoline engine powers the generator which produces electricity and transfers more power to the wheels than traditional riding mowers. So you get the job done quickly and efficiently.

No Belts, No Pulleys, Just Raw Power

Traditional riding mowers are inefficient, relying on belts and pulleys to drive the blades. The Raven MPV is a hybrid. Does that mean it’s cleaner? Yes. Does that mean it lacks power? No way. Working much like a modern locomotive, the Raven MPV utilizes both gas and electricity to provide you with an efficient, high-quality cut.

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